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How Brownie Brittle engaged fans to bootstrap its way to success!

You’ll get a taste of success the moment you sink your teeth into Brownie Brittle’s startup-to-stardom story. Literally! Because Nancy Eichler, Brownie Brittle’s Vice President, Global Digital and Social, will be serving up these decadent treats while sharing the ups and downs of this company’s rise to fame.

Whether you’re a seasoned digital professional or just getting started, you’ll enjoy hearing about South Florida’s own Brownie Brittle, the hottest new snack to hit store shelves. With no budget, plenty of bills and even more competition, Brownie Brittle used digital media to tilt the scales in favor of this local start-up, making it one of the fastest growing companies in Florida and one of the fastest growing snacks globally.

In just a few years through varying online engagement techniques, Brownie Brittle amassed:

  • over 300,000 Facebook fans
  • over 23,000 Twitter followers
  • over 6,600 Instagram followers

A “Brittle Nation” that has propelled the company’s success.

Join Nancy Eichler to learn her tips and tricks for achieving the impossible through digital no matter your budget constraints. And even sweeter, come for the snacks!

Nancy Eichler a 25-year marketing veteran, was recently named one of “South Florida’s Most Influential Business Women of 2015” by the South Florida Business Journal. She was the first official Brownie Brittle employee and now serves as Vice President, Global Digital and Social, leading all digital marketing initiatives for the company.

Nancy also heads up Brownie Brittle’s many philanthropic efforts, including their partnerships with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, Miami Children’s Hospital, and Palm Beach County Food Bank, among others.

Prior to Brownie Brittle, Nancy worked at AOL, where she oversaw the management of more than $250M in advertising revenue during their digital reign from 1996 to 2005. Her client list included Target, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, eBay, 1800flowers, NASCAR, NFL and the NBA.

About Brownie Brittle
Brownie Brittle was the brainchild of Sheila G. Mains. “Sheila G” baked her way into the hearts of millions with her brownies, which were first carried at Disney’s theme parks starting in 1994. Sheila G invented Brownie Brittle, crisp, rich, indulgent gourmet brownie edges, because of her own love of those corner brownie pieces.

Brownie Brittle was introduced to the world in its current packaging in January 2011 and hit its first store shelf in April 2011 in Macy’s Herald Square in New York. The product is now available in tens of thousands of stores nationwide, and in numerous countries including China, South Korea, Canada, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand. It has won multiple national awards. Brownie Brittle LLC was named the 2nd fastest growing company in Florida in 2013 by the South Florida Business Journal, due to its 4,100% growth. Learn more at www.browniebrittle.com.