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May 27, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am
Online event
Ironhack Miami: Learn to Code + Design
Ironhack to Facebook --> How to land a job in big tech! @ Online event

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Danny Rodriguez joined Ironhack’s UX/UI Program after “conveniently” missing his college class enrollment date.

After graduating from Ironhack, Danny went on to work his way as a UX/UI designer in South Florida. Shortly after, Danny moved to Silicon Valley to work for Google. Now he works as an AR/VR product designer at Facebook.

Hear his story of how he leveraged his Ironhack education to get hired at the most desirable tech companies. 

Walk away learning 
– What it takes to get hired at “Big Tech” companies
– Learnings and take aways from his time at Ironhack
– The importance of upskilling to stay ahead of the curve on groundbreaking technologies
– Advice for anyone looking to get into tech with a nontech background.
= How to stand out as a bootcamp grad