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January 31, 2023 @ 12:00 PM โ€“ 1:00 PM America/New York Timezone
Online event
Ironhack Miami: Tech Careers, Learning and Networking
EP9: From standardized to responsible UX | I'MPULSE sessions: Design By Nature @ Online event

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EP9: From standardized to responsible UX

Today, most of the digital starts to feel more and more standardized, meantime individuals and society are finding their unique identities and values. The future of UX is facing challenging decisions and questions emphasizing holistic picture of individual needs always embedded in the whole ecosystem. Want it or not our hyper connected world too many times generalizes cultures, invisible disabilities and struggles of individuals and such places humans in closed boxes. As in nature biodiversity is a must for healthy ecosystem to thrive, human
identities and needs differ from individual to individual to place to place and mostly they change through time.

In this session Laura Korฤulanin will be talking to Sofia Carvalho about future of UX, existing standardized models, new opportunities and demands for diverse models and responsibility of intentional work of researchers and designers implementing intersectionalism, empowering practitioners to make informed decisions about themselves and the products they create for the wellbeing of all.