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Here’s why you might be experiencing a shift in priorities.

I was talking to a colleague the other day, and she said that between the pandemic and a few life events over the past few years, she just isn’t as professionally ambitious anymore. She has lots of things she would like to accomplish—they just aren’t related to work. Another colleague has elected to reduce her work hours in order to spend more time with her children. These conversations echoed several I have had over the past few years where I have watched friends and colleagues change jobs or shift their emphasis from professional advancement to public service, personal satisfaction, or family engagement.

Many of these shifts reflect a change in people’s underlying values. Psychologists like Shalom Schwartz have studied systems of values. Values determine what people think is important, which in turn influences motivation.

The pandemic led all of us to face a significant number of significant challenges. Just about everyone has either gotten COVID or knows someone who has. Indeed, many of us know people who have died from the disease. On top of that, disruptions to the workplace have led people to rethink the importance of their jobs relative to other ways they might spend their time.

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