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Experiment with these solutions and keep an open mind around your expectations; you may find new things about the office you never appreciated before.

Whether we were anxiously waiting to go back into the office over the past two years or desperately hoping working from home was here to stay, one thing is clear: The elusive “return” isn’t what we were promised. The commute still sucks, the conference rooms are still overbooked, and the water cooler chat just doesn’t have the same luster as it did a few years ago.

“It’s the context shifting that gets me,” said a tech employee who worked from home the past few years and recently returned to working in the office three days a week. “There is too much to remember now: what time to leave the house to get to my first meeting, where my laptop charger is, what meetings to schedule for the days I’m in the office versus at home. It’s too much.”

Why? A mismatch of expectations is bound to cause a feeling of disappointment, and for many of us, even if the “before times” weren’t that awesome, at least they were predictable. The reality is that after such a long disruption in the status quo, there’s no way things could go back to being the same.

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