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About Stephen Garber

Stephen Garber’s purpose is helping people create spectacular results by working passionately well, together.
He has been in the personal and organizational development world for over 30 years, learning and growing on his own continuing journey as he helps others on theirs.

Stephen is a cum laude graduate of Tufts University where he first studied the impact of who and how decisions are made in the workplace. His early journey included working in the hospitality and real estate development industries before he found his calling as an executive coach, facilitator, and consultant in leadership and team development.

Stephen has worked with companies great and small – including great names like Rolls Royce, Lloyds Bank, Accenture, Bank United, and Connection. He has been featured on television stations around the country including affiliates of Fox, NBC, and CBS. He supports Homesafe with his time and efforts – a service for kids in the foster care system in Palm Beach.

Stephen’s passion is helping people to apply their emotional intelligence to all that they do in life.