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This Friday, June 9 🏆 CIO Council Congratulates ORBIE Awards Nominees, Tony Casciotta and William Velez

This Friday, June 9 🏆 CIO Council Congratulates ORBIE Awards Nominees, Tony Casciotta and William Velez

Broward College and Harvard Maintenance CIOs Nominated for Prestigious 2023 ORBIE Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that two esteemed members of our CIO community, Tony Casciotta, the CIO Council President, and William Velez, the CIO Council Past President, have been nominated for the 2023 South Florida CIO ORBIE Awards.

Tony Casciotta past CIO and VP, of Information Technology at Broward College, and William Velez, the CIO at Harvard Maintenance, are renowned for their leadership, innovation, and commitment to their roles. The ORBIE Awards honor CIOs who demonstrate excellence in technology leadership, and it’s no surprise that Tony and William are among the nominees.

The ORBIE Awards, taking place on June 9th at the Diplomat in Hollywood, highlight the amazing work and innovative feats achieved by CIOs in our region. Tony’s and William’s nominations are a testament to their leadership and their commitment to elevating technology in South Florida.

Please join us in celebrating Tony and William on their well-deserved nominations. Their exemplary work inspires us all and speaks to the caliber of leadership within our tech community. Best of luck to both at the awards ceremony!

For information on the ORBIE awards, visit:

You’ve Been Sherlocked!

You’ve Been Sherlocked!

The term refers to Apple’s old finder app called Sherlock which the company updated with features offered by a competitor, Watson. The move eventually put the latter out of business.

And the trend continues. Apple introduced a number of new features and services across its platforms at this month’s Worldwide Developers Conference, but in doing so, the company appears to have once again pulled inspiration from the wider developer community. TechCrunch’s Ivan Mehta took a look at which apps got “Sherlocked” during WWDC as a result.

For the uninitiated, here’s the backstory of how “Sherlocked” became a popular word among Apple enthusiasts. The company released a finder app named Sherlock for macOS 8 in the late 90s. The tool had capabilities of searching the web and files on your local system.

Meanwhile, a company called Karelia Software had a finder app named Watson — priced at $29 — with some superior features like plug-ins for better internet search. In 2002, Apple released Sherlock 3 with similar features to Watson, making Karelia redundant and eventually forcing it to eventually close down.

So the word Sherlocked came into the picture whenever Apple released a feature that could potentially shut down an app or make it useless.

Read the full list of Sherlocked apps announced at WWDC 2022:

4 free apps that make working from home way better

4 free apps that make working from home way better

Stay focused, have more professional meetings, take care of yourself, and more, with these essential free apps.

You might also love it, hate it, or fall somewhere in the middle. Whatever the case, if you find yourself working from home on a regular basis, you absolutely, positively must add these four free apps to your remote-work setup.

You’re on a Zoom call with your boss. The dog is barking. The baby is crying. Your anxiety level is nearing a fever pitch. In the words of every late-night infomercial ever produced: There’s got to be a better way!

Sometimes it’s challenging to stay focused while working from home—and the combination of having your phone within arm’s reach at all times and no prying eyes to catch you slacking off can make for a precarious productivity predicament.

When working from home, it’s tempting to plop yourself down in your chair and power through the workday until there’s no work left to be done. No hour-long lunch. No chitchat with colleagues. No trips to the break room for coffee.

I know, I know: yet another background noise generator thingy. But this one—myNoise—is free, it’s got more than 200 sound generators to choose from, and they’re categorized by need, such as “I need to focus,” “I need to calm down,” “It’s too quiet,” “I need inspiration so I can write,” and a whole bunch of other helpful options.

Read the complete Fast Company article BY DOUG AAMOTH:

Tech Hub and Tech Lauderdale Merge to Form ‘South Florida Tech Hub’

Tech Hub and Tech Lauderdale Merge to Form ‘South Florida Tech Hub’

The unification of two, high-profile South Florida-based technology associations has just been announced. Tech Hub, launched in 2015 as Palm Beach Tech, and Tech Lauderdale, originally formed as South Florida Technology Alliance in 1995. The two organizations will combine forces to form an expanded entity with a unified mission to promote technology and innovation in an effort to continue building South Florida’s tech hub. The new organization, South Florida Tech Hub, will service technology-focused industries in four South Florida counties – Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin. The integration is expected to be finalized by early October.

Read the complete article here:

☕ Summer 2021 Preview – Cryptocurrency, inflation, and supply chains will all be in the spotlight

☕ Summer 2021 Preview – Cryptocurrency, inflation, and supply chains will all be in the spotlight

Business trends to watch this summer

Cryptocurrency, inflation, and supply chains will all be in the spotlight

Vaccine inequality

In just six months, the US has vaccinated over half its adult population, a remarkable feat considering how much we seemed to lag other countries in controlling the virus last year. But it’s important to remember that most vaccines have gone to wealthier nations, and just 12 countries have immunized over 20% of their population.

Supply chains

Not just because my mom texts me every day that her new dryer hasn’t been delivered, but supply chain bottlenecks will continue to be a hot topic through the summer. In the last two months, there have been gas, lumber, chip, ketchup, worker, and boba shortages, just to name a few that had accompanying Morning Brew pieces.


I’m with Matty. I think the big thing to watch is whether supply chains getting back to normal will cause the inflation scaries to subside. In April, consumer prices rose at their fastest pace in 13 years. Investors are concerned that higher prices could cause the Fed to wind down some of its stimulus measures or dent companies’ future profits.


Maybe I’m on Twitter too much, but cryptocurrency, and more specifically cryptocurrency regulation, is the top business topic I’ll be watching this summer. Blockchain-based currencies’ entire shtick is being the Wild West of finance—but now, there are a bunch of sheriffs coming to town.

Consumer trends

Masks off, lipstick on. Prepare for overcrowded Sephoras as Americans get ready to party like it’s 1921. But there are other consumer trends I’m excited to watch this summer. Is home fitness here to stay even as gyms reopen? Maybe.

Read the complete Morning Brew article here:

Miami-Dade County Employment Report for February 2021

Miami-Dade County Employment Report for February 2021

The numbers analyzed. 

In February 2021, the not seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Miami-Dade County was 7.9 percent. From January 2021 to February 2021, there was an increase of 6,500 nonagricultural payroll jobs, which is a 0.6 percentage point increase. The County had a reduction of 110,400 nonagricultural payroll jobs (not seasonally adjusted), from February 2020 to February 2021 which was an 8.9 percentage point decrease.

Non-agricultural Payroll Jobs.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, there continues to be a sharp decline in non-agricultural payroll jobs throughout most industries when comparing year over year (January 2020 with January 2021). This is particularly true when comparing the three months leading up to the COVID-19 crisis to the first two months of 2021. Year over year, every sector saw a decrease in the number of non-agricultural payroll jobs. The graph below shows the payroll data since November 2018.

From February 2020 to February 2021 there was a reduction of 110,400 non-agricultural payroll jobs. From January 2021 to February 2021 there was an increase of 6,500 non-agricultural payroll jobs.

Get the complete report from the Miami-Dade Beacon Council Website: