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Free Speech Balancing Act

Free Speech Balancing Act

Facebook, PayPal, Godaddy, Apple and more, taking a stand on Charlottesville. Technology companies seek balance with free speech.

One after another, companies moved to cut off services to customers linked to the bloodshed and to the constellation of beliefs surrounding it – or, at the minimum, to reiterate that they could.

‘Particularly in the Valley, they are all about freedom and not being the arbiters of opinion – but now that is changing’.

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Would you take a pay cut to work from home?

Would you take a pay cut to work from home?

While many companies are setting policies on flexible work arrangements, their workers are quietly working from outside the office whenever possible. Working where you want or when you want is a perk employees will put a premium on in 2015.

Those workers who can work from home on occasion tell me they plan to stay in their jobs as long as possible, because not having that flexibility would cost them in commute time, babysitter fees or missed parenting opportunities. Most workers say they are more productive on the days they work from home.

Read my comments in Cindy Krischer Goodman‘s January 13th Miami Herald Article.

ITPalooza House Band spotted near Boca – Concert Tickets Available

ITPalooza House Band spotted near Boca – Concert Tickets Available

Collage-Band-Thumb-1To avoid the throngs of young groupies and paparazzi, The ITPalooza House Band is putting in the practice hours at a private undisclosed location somewhere in the Boca area. Band leader and drummer Lenny Chesal was quoted as saying “The band is in great shape and we’re looking forward to rockin’ the house at ITPalooza”

For the paste several weeks, rumors about the bands new line up and guest artists have been flooding the news desk. One of our undercover reporters was able to catch up with Lenny at a charity function “We have a great new percussionist, he adds a lot of zest to the line up” Said Chesal before he was driven away by a large black limo.

2 Great Speakers For Battle Hack Dev Meetup

2 Great Speakers For Battle Hack Dev Meetup

We have 2 really exciting speakers lined up for the Fort Lauderdale (July 31) and Miami (August 1) PayPal Battle Hack Dev Meetups.

Damian Montero, Author of  ‘How To Win a Hackathon’ and Multiple Hackathon Winner.
Winner of 5 Hackathons in the last 12 months including flight & accommodations to national AT&T’s Hackathon where he won there for best HTML5 App and a $5,000 Prize. Presentations (2): He will be giving excerpts from his book “How to win a hackathon”. He will also do a quick walk-through with highlights and basic code using the Paypal API. Check out Damian’s latest book – How To Win A Hackathon.

Peter Martinez of The Launch Pad, CloudShopper, Refresh Miami
Refresh Miami is a community of designers, developers, entrepreneurs, students, techies, geeks, nerds, and anyone else who loves technology and the web. We meet monthly, sometimes twice a month, and we get together to share ideas, spread knowledge and “refresh” the community. The organization has been serving the local technology community for over 7 years. With over 4,000 members and events that are commonly exceeding 300, Refresh is a driving force in the South Florida technology ecosystem.

Come and learn the PayPal API and brainstorm ideas so that your Dev team will be ready to win the local competition and advance to conquer the $100,000 international grand prize!

Beacon Council in needless fight to save funding

By Staff reporter

Please see Tuesday’s Miami Herald Editorial linked below. Call or write your County Commissioner and County Mayor to tell them you support The Beacon Council’s mission to help grow jobs and do not want to see its county funds slashed. Tell them to restore funding to the Mom and Pop Grants, but not at the expense of The Beacon Council. more..