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SherlockTalent Launches CIO Advisory Services Practice

SherlockTalent Launches CIO Advisory Services Practice

The end-to-end capabilities of our CIO Advisory Services practice covers the range of CIO challenges, from defining IT strategy and managing the business/system architecture to assessing and maximizing IT value and performance. Our CIO Advisory Services practice covers:

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CIO Advisory Services practice covers:

  • IT strategy and planning services
  • IT transformation services
  • IT sourcing and procurement services
  • IT assessment and due diligence services
  • IT value management services
  • Enterprise architecture services
  • Project development and implementation

Companies and organizations need IT to support and empower their business growth. Existing market conditions generate a challenging set of tasks for technology, and CIOs are progressively being asked to:

  • Improve IT excellence – provide an ever more dependable service with hand-held access, early
  • Identification or avoidance of issues, and robust solutions to distinct business needs
  • Increase customer fulfillment – improve the receptiveness and excellence of service from IT
  • Do extra with less – produce new or improved capabilities to the business quicker
  • Support the business strategy – ensure alignment of IT initiatives to the business and an IT structure that maximizes business value
  • Deliver change – respond effectively to change drivers such as market pressures or opportunities, regulatory demands, cost reduction pressures, or reorganization due to mergers or acquisitions

For more information on how SherlockTalent’s Advisory Services Practice can help you, contact Darren Solanki