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Beyond 429: Load Balancing Azure OpenAI Requests with API Management
May 20 @ 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Beyond 429: Load Balancing Azure OpenAI Requests with API Management @ Online event

Beyond 429: Load Balancing Azure OpenAI Requests with API Management for Uninterrupted Performance

Join us for a comprehensive online session tailored for business decision-makers, where we explore advanced strategies for managing high traffic volumes and enhancing performance using Azure’s API Management to load balance OpenAI requests. This event is crucial for those looking to maintain seamless operations and optimal performance in Azure architectures.


  1. Introduction
  • Welcome and session overview.
  • Understanding the problem of high request volumes and the effective solution through load balancing.
  1. Understanding Load Balancing
  • Discussing the critical role of load balancing in high-performance architectures.
  • Exploring definitions, techniques, and advantages to optimize operations.
  1. Azure OpenAI Service
  • A detailed overview of Azure OpenAI services and their deployment processes.
  1. Implementing Load Balancing with Azure API Management
  • An introduction to the functionalities and benefits of Azure API Management.
  • Detailed guidance on integrating API Management with OpenAI endpoints.
  1. Live Demonstration
  • A step-by-step live demonstration of setting up and managing load balancing.
  • Sharing best practices for configuration, deployment, monitoring, and gaining analytical insights.
  1. Real-world Applications
  • Examination of performance metrics and real-world application scenarios.
  • Insights and lessons learned from actual implementation cases.
  1. Conclusion & Interactive Q&A Session
  • Summarizing key insights and concluding remarks.
  • An interactive Q&A session, allowing participants to discuss their queries and thoughts directly with experts.

Key Takeaways – Participants will gain an understanding of effective load balancing techniques, practical insights into Azure API Management, and real-world applications to ensure uninterrupted performance in their services.


Khawar Habib Khan

Steve Bakanov