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Find the right job as a SEO Specialist in Miami with SherlockTech

So you want to advance your SEO career in the Miami job market?

SEO-memeThe South Florida area is prime for maturing into a successful search engine optimization guru. In numerous studies Miami tops the charts for entrepreneurs per capita and that means lots of business that are competing for market share. SEO is one of those forms of marketing that can’t be ignored. Even if you’re not trying to generate new business from your website (not sure why you’d do that), how your business is represented in search engines can be critical to success even if it’s just to keep an eye on your company’s public reputation. Miami is home to a number of large corporations with in-house enterprise SEO teams and those who don’t have an in-house team prefer to work with an agency that’s located in South Florida for the added benefit of a higher touch local relationship. That being said Miami and its surrounding cities have no shortage of digital marketing firms and agencies dedicated to provided SEO services to companies large and small.

Salaries for SEO team members are competitive in the Miami area.

Miami’s a city of substantial size where cost of living hasn’t become unbearable and SEO talent is in demand. That combination amounts to compensation for career SEOs that’s very comfortable and scales up quickly with seniority. Check out the list below of different positions on a SEO team member salaries we typically see when recruiting for our clients. Keep in mind your experience level with SEO will greatly effect your salary, so we’ve listed rough annual salary ranges.

Salaries across Miami’s in-house SEO teams:

Position Low Salary High Salary
SEO Copywriter $35,000 $65,000
Link Builder $40,000 $80,000
Analyst / Researcher $40,000 $70,000
Campaign Manager $55,000 $80,000
SEO Team Lead $60,000 $90,000
Director of SEO $75,000 $125,000
V.P. of Search Marketing $100,000 $185,000


Agency specific SEO roles and their salaries:

Position Low Salary High Salary
Client Coordinator $35,000 $70,000
SEO Consultant $60,000 $165,000


Ready to make a move to a new job in the SEO industry?

The team at SherlockTech can help you find your new happy place in a SEO utopia.

Improve your knowledge & network to increase your value.

If you’re passionate about SEO the time spent working on projects isn’t enough satisfy your cravings. In order to stay on top of your game you’re subscribed to newsletters, reading guru blogs, following hashtags and maybe even testing some theories on experimental sites. Step away from the computer and meet Miami’s thought leaders. If you go out to networking events the people you meet there will be passionate about maturing their SEO skills and talking a lot more openly about the trends they’re seeing than they will online.

Here are some SEO focused networking groups & events around Miami.

Growth Hackers & SEOs of South Florida Eventbrite’s SEO Conferences
Miami WordPress, SEO & Social Workshops Miami.com’s SEO Related Events
Social Media 305


You never know, you may meet someone who’s hiring today or make friends with a hiring manager that coincidentally interviews you in the future. Becoming a regular at the events around Miami that you get value from can prove to be invaluable in progressing your career as a search engine optimization expert.

If you’re looking for a new opportunity check out the open positions on the SherlockTech job board. You can also sign-up for the newsletter to get updates on new events and hot positions as a more passive way to stay in the loop. If you don’t see what you’re looking for but are eager to find something please call us at 305-651-6500 and tell why you’re awesome so we’ll keep you at the top of our list as new jobs in SEO come available around Miami.