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At Miami International Airport, the objective is to make the process of boarding and deplaning as seamless as possible and with as little contact as possible.

Already, most airports around the country have the technology for identifying passengers while avoiding contact.

Maurice Jenkins, Division Director for Information Systems at Miami-Dade Aviation Department, says, “Normally when they call a flight to board what normally happens is you scan the boarding pass and show a passport. It combines it into one now, when you walk up to the unit, it scans your face and correlates that with the passengers’ dimensions from customs that allows you to clear.”

The system makes use of the passenger’s passport picture for the match.

Currently, units are only being used by Lufthansa but MIA will launch biometric boarding with other airlines later this year.

Read the complete article By Hank Tester: https://miami.cbslocal.com/2020/05/26/coronavirus-airports-minimizing-contact/

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