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Being Thankful

While it’s easy to get mired down in the minutia of life in a big city, it’s also important to stop once in a while and simply be thankful for the small things. And if you need a hand doing that, we have Thanksgiving, a perfect opportunity to roll-out some empathy, take a breath and just be thankful.

ITPalooza Next Thursday!

It’s here again, the greatest annual tech event in SoFlo. ITPalooza is now in its 8th year and is bigger and better than ever before. We have more terrific tech to blow your mind, more speakers to inspire you, more workshops to get you up to speed and more ticket choices to help you find the perfect package.

$59 ITPalooza Toys for Tots Tickets still available

The tickets are available today from the ITPalooza website or direct from our partner EventbriteAnd remember, your $59 ticket gives you full access to all ITPalooza activities except VIP and CIO-only Track.

CIO-VIP lunch with Magic Leap

CIO-VIP luncheon will host Keynote speaker, Carlos Penzini, Senior Vice President of Sales at Magic Leap. Carlos is focused not only on revenue and profit targets but also on market share. Learn how Mr. Penzini is leading a global sales team to deliver strategic revenues across Magic Leap’s business.

If you are the CIO or senior-most IT representative in your company, you can apply today to attend the CIO-only Track.


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