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Applying this principle to our daily routines can help us create more space for creativity, relaxation, and overall well-being.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of busyness and urgency, operating on autopilot without conscious thought about how we spend our time, attention, and energy. However, this can lead to a depletion of resources and a lack of true productivity.

Here are five ways you can take control and make more deliberate choices that can significantly boost your productivity and well-being.


Instead of constantly operating at 100% capacity or more, you should aim for about 85%, giving you a 15% buffer.

Olympian Carl Lewis, the nine-time gold medallist sprinter, was known as a “master finisher.” Interestingly for us, he was considered to be a slow starter. In a 100-meter sprint, he was often either last or second to last at the 40-meter mark, but breezed past other competitors by the finish line.

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