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Gartner research indicates cybersecurity will see increased government investment this year.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has knocked cloud from pole position as the top “game-changing” tech for government CIOs this year, according to Gartner.

Nearly a third of government respondents (27 percent) stated that AI was the most game-changing technology for them, with data analytics in second place (22 percent) and cloud lagging behind in third (19 percent).

The research firm surveyed more than 3,000 CIOs in 89 countries, including 528 government CIOs across a range of departments.

Cloud topped last year’s survey as the game-changing tech for CIOs.

“AI introduces new insights and delivery channels that will enable governments to scale in magnitudes not previously possible,” said Rick Howard, VP analyst at Gartner.

“This will allow reallocation of valuable human resources to more complex processes and decisions.”

According to the survey, 10 percent of government respondents have already deployed an AI solution, with 39 percent stating an intention to deploy it in the next one to two years, and an additional 36 percent intending to deploy an AI solution within the next two to three years.

“Taking advantage of data is at the heart of digital government – it’s the central asset to all that government oversees and provides,” said Howard.

“The ability to leverage that data strategically in real time will significantly improve a government’s ability to seamlessly deliver services, despite the increased strain on finite resources.”

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