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Writing this, today is Labor Day (yesterday when you read it). It’s an unusual one given the threat of Hurricane Dorian. But let’s take a moment to remember the hard-working spirit, determination, and resolve of the American worker. Which seems especially relevant on the eve of the storm as thousands of workers prepare to implement emergency response plans up and down the eastern United States.
While weather forecasters fully expect Hurricane Dorian to turn away from us and move to the north, we will be impacted by this monstrous storm thru’ Tuesday. The National Weather Service is telling us that we should expect tropical-storm-force winds of more than 40 miles per hour with stronger gusts throughout Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Also, the agency says we will experience localized heavy rainfall with the possibility of flooding in low-lying and vulnerable areas. Due to Dorian’s proximity to the coast, major marine and beach impacts are expected all along the Southeast Florida coast.
Our neighbors

The images coming to us from the neighboring Bahamas are truly heart-wrenching. The Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama Island are experiencing a level of destruction that is almost unimaginable. They face a humanitarian crisis of major proportions. Please keep the Bahamian nation in your thoughts.

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