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A veteran CHRO uses this mental methodology to help focus on one or two tasks at a time without feeling overwhelmed.

“Compartmentalization is the process of organizing your life into separate, distinct areas,” according to digital health platform MantraCare. “By doing this, you can minimize the amount of stress that comes from having to deal with too many things at once. When you compartmentalize your life, you create specific spaces for different activities and tasks. This means that it helps you focus on one thing and not get distracted.”

I have found compartmentalization works wonders when balancing work and home. I have always worked in a demanding job as a CHRO for large public companies and use this mental methodology in my life for everything. It helps me focus on one or two tasks at a time without feeling overwhelmed by the number of things I need to do at home and at work— which helps minimize stress.

It also helps maximize my productivity by dividing what I need to accomplish for work and what I need to accomplish at home. For example, while I have my work to do list, I also keep a separate list of my home tasks for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. From the most mundane things such as laundry and grocery shopping to planning a birthday party for my son when he was younger.

It also helps with time management, work/home organization, work/life balance, and overall daily organization. Here are a few ways that I keep things organized.

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