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Are you just frustrated with your work environment? Or is the problem the actual work you’re doing?

It’s been one of those days. You’ve been toiling away on a project you don’t care about for weeks when your coworker dismisses everything you did in front of your boss. This, after they refused to help, lounging at their desk, shopping on Amazon. You tally the satisfaction that work provides you, and it scores zero. You want to quit, but it’s hard to discern if you want to abandon your job or the field entirely. 

Before leaving a job or field, ask yourself why you want to leave and why now, advises career expert at LinkedIn Catherine Fisher. “No one loves their job every single moment of every single day, but if you feel like you’re struggling more days than not, it could be time to switch things up. Ask yourself if there are ways to improve areas of dissatisfaction, and what would make you happier.”

This feeling of wanting to run can be common. In 2021, the United States had the highest quit rates in 20 years. Employees cited crappy pay, no opportunities for advancement, and overall disrespect as reasons for their leaving. A 2022 study performed by Gallup found that worldwide, 60% of folks were emotionally detached from their jobs. Nineteen percent reported being outright miserable.

While job dissatisfaction can be fleeting, many of us can remain at a job we despise for years without making a move, especially when we can’t figure out if we just dislike the gig or the entire occupation. 

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