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Factors that help determine whether a job is a good fit go beyond perks and pay.

What people expect from their employer has shifted and values increasingly matter to those looking to make a career change. In fact, more than two-thirds of Americans say misaligned values with a company is a deal-breaker, even in an uncertain economy, according to a February 2023 survey of 1,500 U.S. professionals and hiring managers conducted by Censuswide on behalf of LinkedIn.

At the same time, companies that emphasize their culture and values are not only more likely to attract engaged candidates but also retain top talent to help drive their business forward in a world of work that’s constantly changing. On LinkedIn, job postings that mention values like culture, flexibility, and well-being receive nearly three times more views and twice as many applications today than they did two years ago.

On LinkedIn, you can now search for open roles at companies with commitments in areas like work-life balance, career growth and learning, diversity equity and inclusion, social impact or environmental sustainability. Hirers can also add and demonstrate proof of their commitments on their LinkedIn Page, giving you a better understanding of how they put their culture and values into action.

Whether it’s work-life balance, an accelerated growth path, or more inclusive workplace culture, crafting a job search strategy that leads with your values can set you up for a fulfilling career long-term. Here are three ways to kick-start your job search based on your values. 


Before you do anything, list out your core values and the top three to five that are most important to you. An excellent place to start is by asking yourself: What motivates or energizes you the most? What are the things you must have to set yourself up for success and be happy in your next job? For example, if you are a working parent or get your best work done outside of traditional operating hours, you may need an employer that offers a more flexible work schedule. Or, maybe you care about a company’s commitment to social impact more than your individual role. 

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