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How many “Internet of Things” do you use every day? What is your favorite IoT? This year ITPalooza is showcasing my new favorite IoT. Nest cools home just before arriving, and turns off when away. Sonos provides an unlimited variety of hi-fidelity music in office and home. And it’s easy to keep an eye on both places with live video on iPhone, and keep track of the kids’ whereabouts from there as well.

What’s my favorite IoT? Well, the online order is made, and in six weeks it’ll be time to say ‘goodbye Odyssey’ and hello ‘Tesla S’. Long, traffic filled drives between Miami and Boca Raton? Auto-Drive, take me away! Sun cooked car no more – precool it from the app. Tight parking challenge? Of course, it’ll park perfectly for you. Oh, and don’t get me started on Bio-Defense mode.

At ITPalooza, you’ll be able to see both current Tesla models on display. And if you want to experience ludicrous mode, which is truly ludicrous, you can schedule the test drive of your next favorite IoT. If you see Tesla in your future, ask me for one of ten available “$1,000-off” referral codes that came my way.