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I don’t think so.

Ever since the advent of mobile phones and smartphones, the techies have been advocating we should all go cardless. While this seems like a perfectly reasonable idea given the extremely simple mechanism for sharing contacts, the practicality of it is not so robust.

Next time we meet, ask me for one of my cool new satin cards!

I’ll suggest a simple workflow for networking

  • Collect all your cards and send LinkedIn invites
  • Get a simple business card scanner for your phone – like ‘Scannable’ the ‘Evernote’ addon
  • Scan and save your cards to contacts – Done!
  • Lastly, set yourself up as a contact in your phone’s contact list, add email and website URL – send this to the cardless crowd.

If you want to read another article about why you should go cardless – check this out: https://www.forbes.com/sites/theyec/2018/06/25/toss-out-your-business-cards-and-make-way-for-technology/#242a4db45530