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You’ll get a taste of success the moment you sink your teeth into Brownie Brittle’s startup-to-stardom story. Literally! Because Nancy Eichler, Brownie Brittle’s Vice President, Global Digital and Social, will be serving up these decadent treats while sharing the ups and downs of this company’s rise to fame.

Nancy Eichler a 25-year marketing veteran, was recently named one of “South Florida’s Most Influential Business Women of 2015” by the South Florida Business Journal. She was the first official Brownie Brittle employee and now serves as Vice President, Global Digital and Social, leading all digital marketing initiatives for the company.

About Brownie Brittle: Brownie Brittle was the brainchild of Sheila G. Mains. “Sheila G” baked her way into the hearts of millions with her brownies, which were first carried at Disney’s theme parks starting in 1994. Sheila G invented Brownie Brittle, crisp, rich, indulgent gourmet brownie edges, because of her own love of those corner brownie pieces.