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The candidate chosen for this position will be responsible for a range of elements and processes involving BI Solutions. They will design, develop, document, create, code, and maintain data integration for all BI related data processes. This role ensures continual function and progression within the company.

• Generate ETL job schedules.
• Target data models and analyze data sources.
• Construct and manage technical design documentation.
• Regulate and advise the task of a team with little resources.
• Produce the complete cycle to design, develop, implement, and support advanced BI data manipulation processes.
• Investigate possible complications and implement proactive steps to improve production and quality based on analytic results.
• Comprehend and establish solutions to support physical data models needed for business intelligence reporting initiatives.
• Cooperate with the DBA, tech architect, and data architect to interpret current data storage constraints and formalize what the business requires to progress.
• Bachelor’s degree preferred
• Experience with Data mart development, Data Warehouse, OLTP, OLAP, Fact and Dimensional DB designs.
• 4 + years experience in data integration solutions.
• Strong communication, writing, and organization skills.
• Experience working in high data volume and team oriented environments.

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