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Critical Skills:
– Effective communicator, knows when to listen and when to talk, effective in discovery of customer information
– Leadership skills and Collaboration skills
– Diligent and precise in tracking of all customer and program information
– Technical background, understands technology, will be effective understanding customer issues and describing issues and solutions. Have capability and desire to be hands-on with the core M2M technology. Able to assist customers with basic tasks.

Required Skills:
– Project Management skills for customer issues and actions.
– Effective in contract negotiations, understand impact of contract topics, and work effectively with the legal team.
– Business understanding of pricing & margins. Receive purchase orders, request & issue invoices and tracking each per customer.

Job Description:
– Customer Relationships
o Responsible for customer programs and relationships. Will be assigned multiple customers.
o Lead regular customer meetings, frequency as appropriate, and track customer issues.
o Insure quarterly, semi-annual or annual customer business meetings take place.
o Be the primary focal point for many customer interactions and all escalations.
o Insure priority on customer needs is appropriate for the revenue or strategic impact of a customer.
o Does not preclude direct engineering relationships and meetings as appropriate.
o Continue to search for additional customer revenue opportunities.
– Contracts
o Customer contract negotiations and adherence.
o NDAs coordinated with sales persons.
o New proposals and/or statements of work for customer projects.
– Financial
o Provide revenue forecasts and timely updates.
o Obtain purchase orders, including use of customer specific logistics or online tools
o Insure proper invoicing of customers for licenses, professional services and service fees, including past-due follow-up
– Internal
o Collaborate with Engineering, Sales, Finance and other internal roles to support mutual work efforts and business goals
o Collaborate with customers to gather requirements and support project work efforts
o Establish and maintain relationships with vendors for hardware or software components of products
– A blended business & technical role in a fast paced environment that requires a broad range of experience, adaptability, quick learning and excellent problem solving skills.
– Opportunity to work with customers across a wide range of industries and geographies.
– Opportunity for some travel.

– 2-6 years of technical project or program management with direct customer responsibilities
– B.S. in an engineering or programming degree