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Do you love Tech Startups? Join this fast growing Boca based startup.
Full stack developer & marketing maven: Roles and Responsibilities:
• Identify key growth and retention triggers in order to plan/implement scalable tactics for existing consumer-focused, ad-based website
• Oversee, plan and execute domestic acquisition, remarketing, segmentation process and automation of data across ad and publisher networks; deliver against ROAS targets
• Develop creative, unique ways of driving growth through product and funnel optimization, paid acquisition and remarketing, and data-driven organic or programmatic features
• Perform analysis using large data sets to quantitatively test user behavior hypotheses; make strategic recommendations to exec team based on data-driven decisions and focus for scalable distribution
• Execute innovative experiments to test demand across segments or new channels and contribute to comprehensive testing and reporting matrix
• Define best practices, set measurable objectives, ensure tracking/reporting capabilities, evaluate and reporting results
• Work with growing cross-functional team of analysts, engineers and designers to drive growth strategy and optimize creative/UI

PREFERRED EXPERIENCE/KNOWLEDGE: 2+ years of relevant, hands-on experience in database and web development
• Web languages and technologies HTML/CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, Java, jQuery, PHP, ASP, Swift, MySQL, Hadoop, Google Apps Engine and API programs
• Independent thinker Analytical, data-driven and rigorous, with a thorough understanding of key customer metrics.
• Excellent project management abilities, capable of prioritizing and handling multiple projects simultaneously, under tight time constraints and within budget parameters
• Problem-solver, quick-learner and risk-taker. You’re willing to try new things — and quickly — for the purpose of achieving rapid growth and learnings
• Deep knowledge and firsthand experience in PHP, Rails and other technologies while possessing the desire and ability to vet and master new tools
• Self-starter with a collaborative, upbeat, solutions-oriented attitude
• Thrives in a fast-paced environment and can balance multiple projects simultaneously in a startup atmosphere
• Ability to work within a cross-functional team; ability to communicate effectively with a broad spectrum of colleagues and external partners but also ability to be a one man army.
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