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Join a Software Development Shop developing IoT SaaS Products.  Company has moved from a .Net shop to Linux/Rails/Python & transitioning products from Datacenter to the cloud.


Experience with open source technology: Ruby, Jenkins, RabbitMQ, NodeJS,– Python, JavaScript, MySQL, Git


·         Agile Methodology managed by JIRA.

·         Experience with AWS (Amazon Web Services)

·         Development experience with applications that run in a disconnected mode (applications that able to run without internet connectivity) (Location Aware Applications)

·         Full stack-developer that can work on both the front-end and back-end of an application

·         Demonstrated experience with event driven architecture – Ability to build loosely coupled software and highly scalable software solutions

·         Demonstrated experience developing multi-tenant or SAAS (Software as a Service) / cloud-ready applications

·         Using front-end JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS

·         Experience with continuous delivery (automation of all processes throughout the software development lifecycle); e.g. automated builds, automated tests, automated deployments

·         Collaborative environment where you voice & ideas will be heard.


This is a fulltime permanent position in the Palm Beach area.