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C# .NET Developer – Mid Level

Our client, a nationally ranked South Florida homebuilder is searching for 3 Mid Level .NET developers to develop line-of-business web applications in support of our sales, marketing, construction and supply-chain operations. Various departments will use these applications to conduct day-to-day business.
Candidates will write applications on a prescriptive architecture using Microsoft .NET technologies server-side together with HTML5 and JavaScript technologies client-side. Candidates will make heavy use of common patterns of enterprise architecture. The candidate will be responsible for implementing technical requirements by writing code using the C# language, the .NET Framework, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, JavaScript as well as client-side JS libraries and frameworks.
Candidates must have extensive experience writing code using:
• C#
• Transact-SQL
• JavaScript
• JQuery

Candidates that have experience with Eric Evans’ Domain-Driven Design (DDD), Kent Beck’s Test Driven Design (TDD), and Bertrand Meyer’s Command-query separation (CQS) will be highly regarded as our internal architecture is modeled using these processes.

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