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Our Miami based client is looking for a SQL Server Reports / Stored procedure specialist for a 4-6 week project.

Would like a senior level person to come in and take a look at  database reports (crystal) and procedures and assist in optimizing the database performance.


The need someone who  can come in & review an internal system that is able to collect the data–but the reports need to be generated faster than at their current rate.  Would need to assess if issue is to rewrite the reports in HTML, they are using an outdated tool in Crystal or their stored procs are out of date.  Data is input and extracted using XML.

They run approx 18-20 reports that need to be optimized  for performance.


You will need to come in & access the project in terms of estimated time  to complete the project.  Excellent firm to work with.  Offers a great product for the Travel industry.


Would prefer a local candidate able to perform work onsite.