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We are in need of an expert SQL Server DBA for a short term project (one to two weeks) who specializes in troubleshooting performance issues on database servers.

Below is a high level outline of what we think needs to be done and we need to do this analysis in two (probably three) systems. These are critical business systems so we really need folks who are experienced in this.
-Current configuration
-Disk/IO/CPU/Memory Utilization
-Scheduled tasks/processes
-SQL Server Configuration/Statistics Analysis
-Memory allocations/DB File Configurations
-Temp DB Utilization
-SQL Server Statistics
-Access Methods,Buffer Management, Memory Manager,Locks/Latches etc
-Replication Settings
-SQL Server Load and Analysis
-Load monitoring and trace analysis
-Bottleneck/deadlock detection
-Application trouble areas
-AR Ledger
-Payment Posting
-Smart Task Management
-Observations and Solutions
-Findings and Interpretations
-Suggested Changes
-Configuration Changes
-Hardware Upgrades
-Application Changes


$500 candidate referral bonuses available