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Project :DSRD iPort Collaboration and Development Efforts

a.) DSRD iPort module addition in collaboration with the owner of Portfolio and Decision Analysis’s iPort and the owner of Pharmaceutical Sciences Business Information Systems.
b.) DSRD portfolio portal – overlay of visualization tools on the PIMS database using the same, or similar, technology applied in the development of the iPort. There is a high potential of re-using some of the applied design and code used in the iPort.
c.) Expedite the remaining development of the PIMS database; namely the GSO consolidation for financial reporting and continuous improvement efforts

Business Benefit:

a.) Share DSRD’s contributions and accomplishments towards progressing PGRD’s portfolio of projects
b.) Provide the capabilities to quickly and easily access varying levels of detail of an early research thru candidate level project by providing an overlay over the information managed in the PIMS database. The overlay would provide an intuitive, easy path to information for the user, i.e. easy buttons. The user would be able see the entire high level portfolio view provided by the iPort, with the added capability to dive deeper into a DSRD specific area of interest at varying detail levels, i.e. BU, TA, project, study details/schedules, and final report information. Potential to connect to DSRD Study Data Mart.
c.) We are currently at a pivotal point in PIMS. To date, the emphasis has been on data entry compliance and curating the data, such as reasons for attrition. In order for DSRD users to fully realize the benefit of their data entry efforts and the window PIMS provides to PGRD portfolio information, the focus needs to shift to data visualization, reporting and analysis efforts. If these efforts are delayed any further, the fear is that users will become frustrated and revert back to segregated spreadsheet use.

Resources required:

A full time contracted resource for a period of 6 months with experience in SQL Server, .NET/ Dev Express and Silver Light technologies. Proven expertise in all three technologies is required to meet the goal of expediting the remaining development efforts of PIMS, as well as meeting the objective of connecting the data visualization tools to the existing PIMS framework. Retain the currently ongoing 80% allotment of a DSRD System Analyst for continued development in collaboration with the contracted resource to the end of 3Q 2010, decreasing slightly in 4Q 2010.

$500 candidate referral bonuses available