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I hope that you fared well during the storm and I know that there is a lot of work to do to bring our infrastructure back on line. Vast areas of Florida have suffered damage but crews are out working around the clock to bring back power and other essential services.

FPL is warning of a multi-week restoration process.

CEO Eric Silagy told a news conference that he expects full power restoration after the storm to take “multi-weeks,” as it did after the Category 5 Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida in 1992.

“Plan for extended and prolonged outages,” FPL spokesman Rob Gould told reporters. “We expect, given the fact the storm has slowed down, many of our customers will be out for a day or longer, given that, much like emergency responders, our crews cannot get out and work. It’s just too dangerous.”

Event Status:

Due to the wide-spread disruption in many areas, it’s not clear exactly which events will be held this week. Please check with the organiser to be sure before you set out.