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Meet the Management Team at SherlockTech

Alex Funkhouser
IT Talent Agent / CEO
  • Coder of the TRS80
  • South Florida tech community evangelist since the ’90s
  • president of ITProCamp, the non-profit organization serving to develop our talent pool and tech industry through support of significant educational and networking events including CodeCamp, ITPalooza, ITProCamp, [email protected] and [email protected]
Alex earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Washington University and an MBA from The Netherlands Schools of Business, Nyenrode University. Alex serves as CEO of SherlockTalent, helping top talent find the best opportunities, and serving companies that are frustrated by the difficulty in hiring talented tech, marketing and creative professionals. If you need to hire or be hired, contact SherlockTalent.
Stephen Purkiss
Chairman of the Board
A graduate of Lancaster University England, with a Bachelor of Arts in Physics together with a Masters Degree in Semiconductor Technology, Mr. Purkiss invested almost 20 years with IBM rising through the sales ranks to become Branch Manager and later General Business Unit Manager of IBM UK. Subsequent positions included Director of Logica UK, Executive Vice President of Level 8 Systems, and SPSS. Joined MCI with responsibility for the set up and operation of National Strategic Channels. Appointed Chairman of SherlockTech Staffing in 2005, Director of CarrierHouse in 2008 and a Principal of The Silverlight Group in 2010.
David Silverlight
Chief Technology Officer
From the very beginning, David Silverlight has been a thought leader in the advancement of tools and technologies to enhance and accelerate the design and deployment of web applications. His philosophy has always been to bring technologies that he loves to the rest of the world. After all, why should only the die hard computer geeks have all the fun? For technologies as powerful (and downright fun) as WordPress, why not share them with everybody who wants their own amazing websites? Technology and Knowledge is for sharing!
Lesley Frohman
IT Talent Agent / VP Sales
After a successful career in the arts, I got my start in the IT Staffing industry some 16 years ago when I opened the South Florida branch of a prominent New York City staffing agency. I joined forces with Alex Funkhouser, right after 9/11 when hiring was at a stand-still. It was here that I became involved with the organizations and networking activities that established SherlockTech Staffing as a leader in the industry.  A native of New York, I received my BS in Sociology from Stony Brook University. I serve on the WITI South Florida Leadership Council, MDGLCC, and actively participate in many local user group including the Miami User Group, PMI and SFTA.  Why I love working at SherlockTech:  “As employee number two with SherlockTech, I’ve loved being part of the growth of the company, knowing all our clients, meeting so many in the community and seeing how our newsletter has become the industry standard for events. I take great pride in getting to know both my candidates and clients and it is very fulfilling knowing that my efforts have benefited so many.”
Daria Trekova
IT Talent Agent
In 2010 I joined the SherlockTech Staffing team as an IT Talent Agent. By working closely with my candidates and utilizing my knowledge in Information Technologies, I am able to help people reach and exceed their IT career goals.  I started my IT career at the Volgograd State University working in the Department of Economics and Innovation as a Jr. Business Analyst while also studying Information Technology and Mathematics. Why I love working at SherlockTech: “Working at SherlockTech gives me the opportunity to deliver the highest levels of service to my clients, this includes screening my candidates to facilitate a great match. I work in a wonderful environment with great people. We are deeply involved in the South Florida IT Community, we participate in and sponsor many IT Events and User Group Meetings, which allows me to constantly expand my professional IT network.”
Chris Castilla
IT Talent Agent
Joining SherlockTech has been an incredible experience both personally and professionally. I am a goal oriented and success driven person who is very motivated and my personable skills allow me to interact well with others. My previous experience in Hospitality, Luxury Retail and the Military has enabled me to become a well-rounded asset. As an IT Recruiter for SherlockTech, I have been able to experience and appreciate a different side of the tech community that many take for granted; the People factor… SherlockTech prides itself on being more than just a staffing company, we strive to create more than just a connection – we create lifelong relationships. I’ve always had a passion for technology and now that I’m surrounded by developers, programmers, architects, business analysts, project managers and other IT Professionals, I have a greater appreciation for their professions. I’m looking forward to a long and prosperous career in the staffing community! Why I love working at SherlockTech:  “The Team. The team at SherlockTech is like no other. I have worked in many different places but none compare to SherlockTech.”