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Mission Critical Systems would like to invite you to attend their IT Security Happy Hour.  This is a fun event with plenty of food, drinks and no obligations. Help lift those summertime blues with good food and cold brews while mingling with others in the industry! They even have bull rides for everyone and a fun drinking game for the manufacturers (before they get on the mechanical bull of course).

The topic of this informal Happy Hour is Advanced Malware Protection, Detection, and Mitigation. There has been a huge uptick in Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s) that have been hitting small, large, and enterprise corporations through targeted, focused attacks (RSA, Symantec, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, and many more) starting with phishing attacks and ending with machines infected by custom written malware via browser exploits that cannot be detected by normal anti-virus signature based techniques

The manufacturers presented have all partnered to take their individual products which work extremely well individually into more comprehensive complete solutions designed to detect compromised machines and prevent them from stealing data or compromising the rest of the network. It is very cool stuff.

FireEye – Advanced Malware Prevention and Detection: www.fireeye.com

ForeScout – Network Access Control and Visibility: www.forescout.com

Imperva – Database Activity Monitoring and Firewall: www.imperva.com

Gigamon – Network Span Port Replicators and TAPS: www.gigamon.com

We hope you can join us. There is no obligation to our informal happy hour except have a good time and maybe learn about some cool new technologies.

Also, feel free to forward this invitation along to others that you think may like to attend.  Don’t forget to register (for free) by following the link below. We really hope you’ll be there for our Summertime Happy Hour!