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With ITPalooza approaching, I’m often asked about the benefit of sponsorship. We’re fortunate to have 3 years of attendee history to reflect upon and so we’ve used that data to compile a compelling Attendee Graphic.

What’s especially interesting is the quality of attendees attracted by ITPalooza, a full 44% fall in the category of Management – from C-Suite to line Managers.

The software development category is made up of all job titles that are related to the design, production and management of software and IT projects. This include job titles like infrastructure engineer, security, database administrator, website developer and many more.

Individual contributors include job titles that fall outside management functions, including project manager and consultant.

If you would like to learn more about ITPalooza sponsorship and the benefits to your company, please contact either [email protected] or Chelsea Smith – [email protected]

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Data collected from Eventbrite registration