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Team Miami wins a total of $2500 for the winning Best Practices presentation at the opening session of the National Academy Foundation Conference in Orlando, Florida last week. The Best Practice focus was on getmyinterns.org an internship scheduling software developed by STEM Board members and used by all of the Miami NAF Academies. Pictured from left to right are: Sandra Edwards, AOHT Chair (Sagemark Sales & Marketing), Julie Kennedy, AOHT Alumni, Dr. Lupe Ferran Diaz, M-DCPS, Dr. Helen S. Blanch, Assistant Superintendent, M-DCPS, Soley Gonzalez, AOF Vice-Chari(SFEFCU) and Ann Fields, M-DCPS. The five finalists won $1700 prior to the presentation in front of 1300 attendees where Team Miami was selected as the wining team.