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Tech hiring in South Florida is hot.  Salaries and hourly rates are higher than ever.  Sign-on bonuses are back.  In this week’s Economist, details of current Tech Hiring strategies remind me of the late ‘90s.   Companies get acquired for their tech staff, not their products or clients.  Do you remember when a software development group auctioned off their company on eBay?

What’s the difference now?  Since the world is now “flat”, a worldwide supply of developers diffuses hiring demand in the United States.  But demand here is massive and growing larger than ever.  Software drives hundreds of billions of dollars in real corporate earnings – not just the ecommerce aspirations of 1999.  Cloud platforms exchange money making data with wearable technologies connected to billions of devices and sensors around the world.  Will a massive cyber-attack bring it all down? How long will this cycle last?