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February 24, 2016 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
4700 Exchange Ct
Boca Raton, FL 33431

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What do successful tech companies Apple, Google and Salesforce have in common? They have leaders and employees who meditate. Deep meditation can enhance your personal & professional life. Find out how this brain boosting technology can rewire your brain to reduce stress and increase productivity and spur innovation. Research has shown that it also has many personal benefits and is a powerful self-healing technology. It can help you to be more empowered and effective, achieve better quality of life and to find a sense of calmness from within.

Join Us & Discover:
– Tech Industry Leader’s Insights & Best Practices
– Neuroscience of a Leader’s Brain
– Why & How Meditation Changes Your Brain’s Network
– How to Harness its Power to Enhance Your Personal & Professional Life
– A Relaxing Group Meditation
– Tips for Stress Relief

High Security: Photo ID required for entry. No walk-ins. Non US citizens register 24 hours in advance and email [email protected] to obtain a non-citizen form.

Featured Speakers

Michelle Goebel

Michelle, Inspired Intent Founder, is a 24-year Meditation and High Technology Veteran who is Chopra Center University Certified, in Meditation and Wellness. She has studied in California with Deepak Chopra, MD and Co-Founder David Simon, Neurologist MD. Since 1990, Michelle has practiced various types of meditation, mindfulness and natural healing. Through daily meditation and mindfulness techniques she helps professionals to unlock their potential, reduce stress, boost memory and decision making, increase energy levels, discover work-life balance, improve sleep and enhance wellbeing. Since college, Michelle has led a parallel path in the fast paced, corporate, high-tech world. She has held leadership roles and achieved exceptional results for both high-growth entrepreneurial and Fortune 1000 organizations including Citrix and ADT/ Tyco. Michelle teaches powerful, brain boosting and performance enhancing techniques to business and technology professionals. She has been a speaker and taught meditation workshops for many companies, groups and leaders including: Women In Technology International (WITI), Inc. 500, Fortune 500 companies Tyco International, Citrix, Office Depot, BMC, JOI Scientific, SFIMA and more. She has taught tech and business professionals including: CIOs, CEOs, CMOs, engineers, product managers, networking professionals, executives and managers how to reduce stress, boost their brain power, experience non conventional, out-of-the-box problem solving through right brain, left brain integration from deep meditation and mindfulness.

Schedule of Events

6:00-6:30 Registration
6:30-7:30 Presentation
7:30-8:00 Q&A

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