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April 17, 2014 @ 10:30 pm – April 18, 2014 @ 12:30 am
Nova Southeastern University, Carl DeSantis Building
Carl DeSantis Building
Nova Southeastern University, Davie, FL 33314

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The first “Dev Night” was super instructive, so we’re coming back at you with a solid second meetup where we’re going to go halvesies: part beginner*, part advanced. Room 1048/1049** in DeSantis.

• Hot Drama: WP & Web Design News

• Topic 1: Intro / Refresher for Basic Theme Development

Break: CSS*** Ninjitsu! Hiyah!

• Topic 2: Demystifying the_loop();

* While the dev meetup is beginner friendly, it isn’t a beginner’s workshop. We’re going to ease people into looking at code for the next few sessions with Refreshers, but some topics assume a basic familiarity with PHP and WordPress.

** The confirmation we’ve got actually reads “1048/1049.” Yeah, I don’t know what that means either :/. Will keep you posted

*** WordPress is just a framework for managing content. Topics about theming are often about the front-end: CSS, maybe a little javascript, etc. So sometimes it’s fun just to digress and talk about fun CSS stuff :).