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March 11, 2016 @ 6:00 pm – March 13, 2016 @ 7:00 pm
Florida Vocational Institute, Tech School
7757 W Flagler St #220
Miami, FL 33144

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Join us as we change the lives of 37,000+ Cubans. Learn a new, exciting development skill, make your favorite website available to browsing over email and share it with those who never have experienced the web before.

This event is beginner friendly for those who are just learning to code. All skill levels are welcome, as we will have skilled mentors in place to help you all along the way. Do not miss this great learning experience!

Visit the Hey Cuba Website

Our goal is to build applications that expand the access to internet in Cuba, provide unbiased sources of information and improve the life of thousand of people in the island. You pick what part of the web you wish to integrate into our platform, and make available to people in Cuba without direct web access, and then make it happen!

​Take pride in being able to say that you were the person that gave Cuba access to facebook, reddit, cnn, espn, or any website of your choice. Imagine being able to list that on your resume! We are doing BIG things this weekend, and you are invited! Plus, the best ideas and implementation get to win cash prizes! Sign up today before seats are all sold out. Limited seating available.

Why Cuba?

Cuba is the most disconnected country in our hemisphere. Only 400K people can visit the web, whereas 2.6M can only send and receive emails, but not access the web. Our organization supports Apretaste, a local non-profit in Miami that is founded by Salvi Pascual. His innovative platform allows web browsing via email, and takes into consideration, the size of emails and bandwidth limitations within the country. Combining those considerations to create a FREE way for Cubans to browse the internet using their current email service. Bringing the web to thousands of people who could otherwise not access anything