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The agenda has been posted and will continue to be adjusted to accommodate speaker schedules and availability.

The swag give-away will include 10 Adafruit Raspberry Pi 2 starter kits with lots of goodies to run your own experiments IOT Swag) ! The IOT room will include Hands On Labs and a mini-hackathon and more giveaways from Microsoft and Amazon.

T-shirts have been ordered, food has been ordered, sponsors are in place, and things are coming together. A special thanks to Rachel Terman, Scott Katarincic and Erik Lindgren for their hard work over the past 5 months!

Next up, we need volunteers for the day of the event, contact [email protected], Two critical needs:

  • People to show up by 7am or earlier to help with setup and registration
  • Volunteers to bring a case or two of water. See Dave Noderer to get reimbursed

Attendee Registration: http://bit.ly/sfcc2016
Code Camp Website: www.fladotnet.com/codecamp