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SFIMA Presents Gapingvoid’s CEO, Jason Korman – ‘What is Organizational Culture and Might it be the Future of Marketing’ – June 8

SFIMA Presents Gapingvoid’s CEO, Jason Korman – ‘What is Organizational Culture and Might it be the Future of Marketing’ – June 8


  • What organizational culture is all about
  • How to develop effective internal marketing programs to drive cultural change
  • What are the key ingredients for a successful employee advocacy programs
  • How to measure success of a cultural marketing program

Corporate culture has become a pop culture buzzword, but many executives don’t clearly understand the business purpose. This is one of the most untapped areas for marketers. Why? Consider this chain effect: Driving the right company narrative affects employee’€™s behaviors > collective behavior change affects company’s culture > and healthy organizational culture affects the entire company’€™s productivity. The stakes are high, with 70% of American employees are “disengaged” costing companies $450-to-$550 billion in lost productivity per year (Gallup). In his talk, Jason will address the genesis of the organizational culture movement, why it has become essential to growing a robust business and why it might possibly be the future of marketing.

Jason Korman CEO at Gapingvoid, Culture Design Group

Jason is CEO of gapingvoid ltd and it’s Culture Design Group, a thought leader in the area of adapting change at scale to large organizations. He is a proven innovator, combining industry models in unexpected ways to create novel, effective approaches to business creation and growth. He has broad experience in the alcoholic beverage industry, leveraging supply chain strategies, social media and channel marketing.

Jason is particularly interested in new models for driving change in large organizations, and how creative approaches to environment shifts workplace, behavior, culture and experience. He believes that the future of effective leadership will rely heavily on new creative tools.


  • Networking: 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
  • Presentation: 7:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Rapid Mobile Development using React Native and WordPress – Jun 6

Rapid Mobile Development using React Native and WordPress – Jun 6

Rapid Mobile Development using React Native and WordPress


With the promise of Learn Once, Write Anywhere: React Native opens up the mobile app development scene to JavaScript and WordPress developers like never before, providing unprecedented mobility for teams to develop, ship and deploy cross-platform applications and experiences to their users.

To showcase how React Native and WordPress can play together, let’s walk through a sample mobile app over the course of the lecture. Starting with an overview of why in the world anyone would want to do this, we’ll follow up with a breakdown all of the moving parts from zero to one hundred (I mean, real quick). Next, we’ll learn a little bit more about React Native with a recap on React itself. Finally, we’ll connect those ideas with the WordPress JSON API and ponder on ideas about the future to be written.


Ptah Dunbar is a Traveling Captain, Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer, CTO on-demand, and Wielder of Worldly Languages. He has over a decade experience contributing to open source and enjoys living hyperlocal in metropolitan cities. When he’s not plundering for the next adventure, you can often find Ptah participating in communities through meet ups, events, and volunteer-run conferences. For the latest happenings on his next adventure, follow Ptah on Twitter @ptahdunbar.

Researcher stumps ‘WannaCry’

Researcher stumps ‘WannaCry’

Here are two stories that really caught my attention this week.

An anonymous malware researcher inadvertently helped stop the spread of a global cyberattack that hit at least 150 countries.

The 22-year-old researcher, who goes by the name MalwareTech, has become an internet hero for their efforts to stem the spread of the WannaCry ransomware. MalwareTech, who is based in the U.K., did not disclose their identity or gender to CNN. MalwareTech published a blog post early Saturday morning detailing how they stopped the spread of this ransomware. Read the story here

It’s official: Most password-strength requirements are dumb

You must use at least one uppercase letter, a symbol, and a number. Or, wait, maybe not. ccording to the experts at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), some of the password-strength requirements drilled into our skulls over the years are actually not that helpful.

What’s worse, they may be counterproductive. As such, the institute issued a new draft of security guidelines on May 11, 2017, aimed at security professionals and recommending several significant changes to the password requirements we’ve come to accept as a necessary part of life. Read the story here



$100K+ Top Job Pick: Senior .NET Developer Miami, Florida

$100K+ Top Job Pick: Senior .NET Developer Miami, Florida

Apply to this Job

Senior .NET Developer

Our Client located near the Roads area is looking for a .Net Software Developer – Start up social media company.


  • Work closely with project manager and development teams to build leading edge user-interface and backend solutions.
  • Translate detailed specifications into new or enhanced solutions including coding and deployment of .NET services and web pages
  • Write and maintain thorough development documentation
  • Provide maintenance and support of deployed applications in production environment
  • Follow project requirements and deadlines ensuring quality deliverables on schedule
  • Be responsible for coding standards


  • 3-5 years’ experience in developing Web applications
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Knowledge of C#, ASP .NET, MVC, Web API, Visual Studio 2012+
  • Knowledge of MSSQL and stored procedures
  • Knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery, html, CSS
  • Excellent Analytic/Logical skills
  • Exposure to AWS


  • Entity Framework, Jira
  • Various JavaScript libraries/plugins (such as Knockout.JS, JQuery, DataTables, or other)
  • Willingness and desire to learn any of the above and more


  • Must be available to work immediately in the Miami area, FL
  • Must be eligible to work in the US
ITPalooza: Play and Win Branded Pix Contents

ITPalooza: Play and Win Branded Pix Contents


daily-updates-branded-pixBranded Pix by Palm Beach Software is offering all ITPalooza attendees the opportunity to win in the Branded Pix Play and Win Contents.

It works like this. On the day of ITPalooza, download and install the Custom ITP16  Branded Pix app onto your Android or iOS device. Snap away at the ITP awesomeness, your pix will automatically be pushed to the Branded Pix server where they will be published and the winners selected!

It’s that easy!

Look out for the Branded Pix QR code at ITP16!

SFTA and Citrix present “South Florida Tech Joins Global IoT Challenge” – Nov 17

SFTA and Citrix present “South Florida Tech Joins Global IoT Challenge” – Nov 17


You are invited to save the date for the exciting Citrix led panel of region experts as we dive into South Florida’s role in the world of IoT!

If you are a full-time student, please email [email protected] and you may qualify for a discounted ticket price of $15.

Are you signed up for ITPalooza?

For your convenience, use the ticket purchase form below: