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CIO Council Extends Scholarship Program

CIO Council Extends Scholarship Program

Last Wednesday at the 12th Annual State of the CIO, scholarship program director Joe Robens announced that the council would be extending its scholarship program from 3 to 4 students per year in both Miami-Dada and Broward Counties. “These are our future CIOs,” remarked Robens.

To date, the program has awarded 20 scholarships to deserving high school students on their way to tertiary STEM studies.

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Scholarship Advocacy Committee – Joe Robens, Pete Koltis, and Lenny Chesal

The 4 scholarship recipients proudly display their awards with Alex Funkhouser, Lenny Chesal, Joe Robens, and Pete Koltis.

Students, teachers, parents, and the advocacy committee


$1 Million Grant Helps Place 2000 Interns

$1 Million Grant Helps Place 2000 Interns

There’s nothing wrong, of course, with teenagers taking summer jobs working retail at the mall, flipping burgers at McDonald’s or preparing lattes at Starbucks.

There are, however, more challenging and more rewarding options, such as interning at a business. Thanks to the Miami-Dade Public Schools’ Summer Youth Internship program, being an intern is not just for college students anymore.

“Well for many of them, it’s an entree into the world of work,” said Lupe Ferran Diaz, the school district’s director of career and technical education. “But in addition, the networking, the fact that they do get academic credit, and if you talk to a few of these young people, they’ll tell you they’re changing the world, changing Miami.”

More than a dozen businesses and institutions are taking part in this year’s internship program, sponsoring more than 1,700 high school students from all over the county. Thanks to community partners, including the Children’s Trust, the rising seniors get paid for their work.

“They come back better-focused individuals, more mature. They know what it’s like to actually work, to save money,” Ferran Diaz said.

NBC 6 watched students at a tech training company called i2Labs design a video gaming tournament for high schools, which they plan on making a reality in the fall.

At a company called Proper John Music, interns were busy learning how to write lyrics, compose melodies, make music videos and more, all while using state-of-the-art computer programs. This is a tech-savvy generation, so what do they get out of these internships?

“A sense of the marketing world because I never had any experience when it came to that,” said Hugens Casimir of North Miami High.

D’Avian Williams, a student at Miami Lakes Tech, said, “I’m learning how to sell and fundraise to people, how to talk to people and how to manage a whole entire business.”

Some students told NBC 6 just being in a creative environment, surrounded by other students who share their interests, is inspiring.

“In my creative process, whether it’s learning how to write what I’m feeling, putting pen to paper and saying exactly what needs to be said,” said Daniel Tomassi of Mourning High, explaining what he valued most from his internship.

The internships aren’t a one-way street. The business owners benefit from the presence of the teenagers as well.

“They’ve been amazingly helpful with social media, they understand it more than my generation, and so they’ve been really helpful promoting our message, our actual content,” said John Stewart, owner of Proper John Music. “I like the idea of not just finding talent that already exists but really developing it from the ground up.”

In Stewart’s case, the target demographic skews way young for a product he’s involved with, the BattleMe rap music app. So grooming young talent helps his business and the students, too. Everybody wins.


WITI National Members Survey

WITI National Members Survey

We’re excited to announce our 2017 Women in Tech Survey!

This year, we again partnered with 451 Research, and invited our new partner Randstad Technologies, to create our Women in Tech Survey. 2017’s survey will help us better understand the successes and obstacles prevalent in our industry. Like last year, we will use the survey data to produce a comprehensive report.

Thank you to all who participated in last year’s impactful survey by contributing your unique perspectives. This year’s survey is designed to build off last year’s results and we will again share the final report and data with all participants.

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete, and we will greatly appreciate your participation.

Take the Survey: https://survey.451research.com/jfe/form/SV_9uZ0rlsc16XxCMR

2017 Internship Provider Orientation – M-DCPS – Jun 14 and 15

2017 Internship Provider Orientation – M-DCPS – Jun 14 and 15

Internship provider orientation will include review of the Internship provider handbook, rules and procedures of the Summer Youth Internship Program.

Select the Date and Time to RSVP

Miami Dade College – Kendall Campus
Building R, Room R402/R403
Complimentary Parking in Lot #8
Parking Pass issued upon receipt of RSVP
11011 SW 104th Street, Miami, FL 33176
Miami Dade College – Wolfson Campus
Building 3, Room 3208
Complimentary Parking in Building 7
Use 5th Street Entrance to Parking Garage
300 NE Second Ave, Miami, FL 33132
Join Mary Spio and other top speakers at the 2nd Annual NAF Student Industry Conference – May 20

Join Mary Spio and other top speakers at the 2nd Annual NAF Student Industry Conference – May 20

Paving the Way To A Better Future

Taking place on May 20th 2015 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, the 2nd Annual National Academy Foundation Student Industry Conference is the perfect opportunity for South Florida businesses to meet and interact with our future workforce.

The conference is hosted by Miami Dade County Public Schools’ NAF Academies of Finance, Engineering, Information Technology, Health Sciences, Hospitality and Tourism. The conference creates pathways to success for students through insightful sessions and internship interviews directly with industry professionals.

Keynote Speaker:

Mary-Spio-photo-195x300Mary Spio, author of It’s Not Rocket Science: 7 Game- Changing Traits for Uncommon Success is best known for creating and holding patents on the technology used to digitally release feature films over satellite and for demographically targeted distribution of cinema content (alternate endings). The technology was commercialized via Boeing Digital Cinema and Lucas Films. Today the technology is widely used as an accepted, cost saving, modern alternative for scores of major films. Mary is the founder of Next Galaxy Corp a leading content and technology solutions company creating CEEK – a fully immersive social platform for accessing virtual reality and augmented reality content. Spio’s companies have created content and or technology for global titans including Microsoft XBOX, Coca Cola Company, Tribune News Company (Parent of LA Times, Chicago Times etc.), Emmis Communications, Billboard Awards, Lincoln-Ford and scores of iconic celebrities, retailers, radio station groups and much more

Call for Sponsors / Speakers:

Sponsorship opportunities.

Miami NAF Academy Advisory Boards will unite to host the 2nd Annual Mega NAF Student Industry Conference for the Academies of Engineering, Finance, Information Technology, Health Sciences, and Hospitality and Tourism. Approximately 1500 students will attend this event on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at the Miami Beach Convention Center (MBCC) our Host Sponsor. If you are interested in sponsoring or speaking at the event, please follow the links below.

College / Career Fair Table click here


Sponsors click here to sign-up


Speakers click here to sign-up