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The iPhone is only 10 years old!

The iPhone is only 10 years old!

I know it feels like we’ve had the iPhone and Android smartphone technology forever but in reality, it’s just 10 years. It begs the question where we’ll be in another 10 years.

If you’re interested in tech trends (and who isn’t), you’ll likely want to attend the upcoming State of the CIO – March 14, Signature Grand – where you can experience a fantastic keynote address by futurist “CK” Kerley.

About “CK” Kerley

Powerhouse speaker, futurist, and professor, Christina “CK” Kerley pushes Fortune 500s AHEAD of the curve through the 10+ tech that will dominate the next 10 years. A forerunner in 20 years of digital revolutions, CK’s electrifying performances captivates executive audiences through insights and inspirations across a sweeping set of next-generation technologies and trends.

Watch  short video by “CK”


AI Goes Mainstream at CES

AI Goes Mainstream at CES

From pure research to mainstream, AI’s path to consumer electronics has made its debut.

CES kicks off this week with the usual gaggle of gadgets, new TVs and stuff we just didn’t know we needed. But making its debut this year is the AI Marketplace.

From big data analytics and solutions, speech recognition, learning and decision-making products to predictive technology, CES’s AI Marketplace promisses to showcase revolutionary data models and solutions that will shape the future of businesses.


Welcome to the Future!

Welcome to the Future!

Welcome to 2018 and the year ahead.

I’m sure the younger versions of ourselves recall a future packed with rocket cars, communicators, space stations, and robots; well, welcome to the future!

While not all of our childhood sci-fi promises have come true, many are here today with the promise of more to come.

Okay, we don’t have rocket cars but I think it’s fair to say that all-electric vehicles are going mainstream with most manufacturers promising all-electric models by 2020.  Now if only we could get a 1960’s style Presidential Decree that launched the US into the space race and made billions of dollars available to do it.

If you haven’t looked at Apples latest version on the Watch, then you’ve missed the communicator part of our future. Now with cellular technology embedded, you can make and receive calls without taking your iPhone along.

Probably the biggest innovation to shape our future for generations to come will be Artificial Intelligence. While still in its infancy, this technology will enable the fusion of software and hardware to deliver as yet untold value to our daily lives.

In the meantime, roll on internet 3.0

Are App Stores the Future for Software?

Are App Stores the Future for Software?

This will be our last newsletter for 2017 and I’d like to thank you for helping to make the last 12 months so remarkable. There have been many outstanding moments both in the SoFlo community we serve and within our own SherlockTalent community. We all have much to be grateful for and I encourage you to share your gratitude.

Genetically, we are all very similar but it is our words and actions that set us apart.

In a world where ‘there’s an app for that’, how long can stand-alone software products survive.

Apple, Google and now Microsoft all have their app stores and Microsoft’s Windows 10 S is aimed squarely at the app store experience. Along with the new Microsoft Surface Laptop, Windows 10 S provides a solid, controlled environment.

This is clearly a trend, but unlike the Google Chrome book, which basically runs everything inside a browser, Windows 10 S will support popular productivity apps like Office 365 and Adobe.

App stores feel like just another step on the road to the cloud, with all licensing managed and controlled through the app store interface.

As an example, Adobe just released the last ever standalone version of LightRoom. No other updates will follow. If users want the updated software they will have to look to the Adobe Creative Cloud for solutions.

Holiday Shopping Online Safety

Holiday Shopping Online Safety

None of us are strangers to the madness and mayhem that is holiday shopping.  If like a growing number of shoppers, you prefer to do your holiday shopping online, here are a few tips to keep you safe (at least keep you informed).

Shop from trusted stores.

Stores like Amazon offer terrific return polices, fraud protection, free shipping and many other advantages.

Always use a credit card – Never use a debit card

Unlike credit cards, most debit cards don’t carry the ‘dispute charge’ feature that helps secure your cred card purchases.

Your credit card most likely has strong fraud features associated with it.

You’ll get points for purchases. These points are awesome and most credit cards let you convert them into cash or redeem them for swag.

Pay with PayPal

PayPal is convenient and offers a charge dispute feature. PayPal also offers a MasterCard with 2% pay-back on all purchases.

When it all goes wrong

There are a bunch of things that can go wrong with online purchases including wrong items delivered, items not up to expectations, etc…

  • Check return policies before you buy
  • Keep digital receipts and email notifications
  • Keep original packaging

What if you get the ‘Fraud Notification’ from your bank?

This can be a nightmare unless you are prepared. It’s definitely a question of ‘when’ not ‘if’.

Maintain a comprehensive list of all online services that you pay for by credit card.

Consider migrating as many online service payment to PayPal – this way you only have to change the credit card associated with PayPal instead of multiple accounts.

Want more? Here’s a Google search link with some useful articles: https://www.google.com/search?q=online+shopping+safety




Thank You For ITPalooza!

Thank You For ITPalooza!

Thank you for ITPalooza, your participation and support made the 6th Annual  ITPalooza the most powerful yet!

Together we illuminated the Convention Center with South Florida’s vibrant technology leadership energy and collected over $35K in toys for charity.

As many of you know, I’m rarely rendered speechless. But during Tom Conophy’s packed ITPalooza kick-off last Thursday, you could have heard a pin drop. The audience was spellbound by Tom’s recollections from his life in technology – from skateboarding through empty airport terminals to avoiding angry crowds – Mr. Conophy was both entertaining and inspiring.

I spoke to many participants including sponsors, attendees, speakers and partners and all agreed that this was the best ITPalooza yet. What did you think? We’ll have a survey out soon and we’d love to hear your feedback.

You can read a professional account of the event here: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/business/fl-bz-itpalooza-thursday-20171207-story.html