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ITPalooza – Everything you need to know with 30 days to go!

ITPalooza – Everything you need to know with 30 days to go!

ITPalooza is just a month away and there are so many exciting things to announce! Here are just a few.

Presenters and Speakers

What a terrific win for ITPalooza to welcome Tom Conophy, EVP and CTO of Broward County’s largest company by revenue, AutoNation. Tom with host the ITPalooza kick-off and welcome address. We have what must be the best line-up of presenters available at any South Florida content-based event.

  • Dan Cane – President and CEO, Modernizing Medicine
  • Debbie Karcher – CIO, Miami Dade Public Schools
  • Patrick Hale – CIO, Vitas Healthcare
  • Tom Conophy – EVP and CTO, AutoNation
  • Tom Hudson – Director of News, WLRN
  • Many more brilliant speakers

VIP Tickets

There are tickets available to suit all budgets and requirements but I would like to focus on the VIP Experience. At just $250 a ticket this represents exceptional value for an all-day agenda, content event. 3 meals, VIP lounge, exclusive network, and much more!

  • Only $250.00
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Full-day agenda
  • Shared CIO / VIP Buffet Lunch with Guest Speaker
  • Reserved Seating at Keynote Addresses
  • All-Day VIP Lounge
  • VIP Cocktail Reception, Dinner, and Entertainment
  • On-site parking for 3000 cars

Crack the Vault and Win-A-Car

Our friend and sponsor Joey Accardi will be hosting the ITPalooza Win-A-Car competition. Every ticket holder will get one FREE crack at the vault with additional tries available for purchase.

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are a potential sponsor and you’ve been sitting on the fence, take a look at the list of past participating companies and job titles.

How To Stop Worrying about AI in 2018

How To Stop Worrying about AI in 2018

Artificial intelligence is the biggest opportunity in business since mobile, for tech giants and upstarts alike. It’s also the most confusing.

On a recent Monday morning, Elon Musk busied himself on Twitter by predicting how World War III would start.

Inspired by news that Vladimir Putin had told Russian students the country that leads in artificial intelligence will rule the world, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO declared the global race to dominate AI might turn into real war—and that the first strike could well be launched by an algorithm rather than a flesh-and-blood leader. Chastised by one of his followers for the gloomy prognostication, he apologized and then confessed, “I was depressing myself too. :-( ”

Read the complete article here

Annual Job Survey!

Annual Job Survey!

Yes, it’s that time of year folks! The Annual ITPalooza Job Survey is in full swing. In appreciation for your participation, you’ll be automatically entered to win an All Day Pass for ITPalooza 2017.

The survey will close on November 30, 2017 to give our team of statisticians the time to compile the data. The results are highly anticipated and are usually available in our local technology publications.

Register for ITPalooza

If you have any questions about the Annual Job Survey, please contact me, [email protected]

Below you’ll find links to each of the surveys. We ask you to take a minute and complete the survey that best describes your role.

IT Professionals (Job Seekers)

Employers and Hiring Managers

Note: Your response, as well as the survey results are completely anonymous.

The End of Privacy?

The End of Privacy?

We learned on Tuesday that three billion Yahoo email accounts were compromised in 2013. In early September, it was Equifax’s 143 million credit reports. Just a few months before that, we learned 198 million United States voter records were leaked online in June.

Given the constant stream of breaches, it can be hard to understand what’s happening to our privacy over time. Two dates — one recent and one long ago — help explain this: Dec. 15, 1890, and May 23, 2017, are the two most important days in the history of privacy. The first signifies its creation as a legal concept, and the latter, while largely overlooked at the time, symbolizes something close to its end.

Read the complete article by Andrew Burt and Dan Geer here.

Restoration under way!

Restoration under way!

I hope that you fared well during the storm and I know that there is a lot of work to do to bring our infrastructure back on line. Vast areas of Florida have suffered damage but crews are out working around the clock to bring back power and other essential services.

FPL is warning of a multi-week restoration process.

CEO Eric Silagy told a news conference that he expects full power restoration after the storm to take “multi-weeks,” as it did after the Category 5 Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida in 1992.

“Plan for extended and prolonged outages,” FPL spokesman Rob Gould told reporters. “We expect, given the fact the storm has slowed down, many of our customers will be out for a day or longer, given that, much like emergency responders, our crews cannot get out and work. It’s just too dangerous.”

Event Status:

Due to the wide-spread disruption in many areas, it’s not clear exactly which events will be held this week. Please check with the organiser to be sure before you set out.