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The Children’s Trust is in the middle of procuring services for it various strategic initiatives and would like to have the public be a part of the process. We are looking for volunteers who can commit to about 35 hours over a 2 week period to review funding proposals. If you choose to volunteer, you will have to attend an in-person training session (3 hrs) and a review debriefing meeting (3 hrs) at The Children’s Trust offices at 3150 SW 3rd Ave (Coral Way). The remaining time is flexible and you would use to review the proposals. We estimate that a proposal will take an average of 5 hours to review and each volunteer is being asked to review a minimum of 5 proposals.  This is a great opportunity for you to be part of the funding cycle at The Children’s Trust. If you can assist, please click on the link below to sign-up. If you think that a friend, family member or co-worker might be interested, please forward this email to them.

Additional requirements on being a volunteer is at the website https://www.thechildrenstrust.org/providers/funding/volunteer-reviewers. Volunteers can review community service hours for their time.