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Alex Funkhouser

The night of January 16th was a wake up call for me as I began to receive calls telling me that our company web server and email service was down.

I found out how easy it is to bring down a company’s online activities. All of our internet communication and presence was disrupted. I have heard of major banks losing their web sites due to an attack, but I didn’t think it would happen to us.

Join the FBI’s InfraGard and the Cloud Security Alliance South Florida chapters as they join forces to present “Anatomy of a Cyber Attack”.

Mauricio Angee, CISO, Mercantile CommerceBank
Dan Farrell, Director of Network Operations, Applied Innovations
Michael Scheidell, President, Security Privateers

Panel Moderator:
Alex Funkhouser, President SherlockTech Staffing, President Cloud Security Alliance South Florida Chapter, Registered Member InfraGard